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Multi-Sensory Room


Our multi-sensory room is a special place where children explore, develop their senses and skills in a relaxing and fun environment.


This special place is designed to use light and sound to enhance aspects of children’s development including hearing, sight touch, coordination, and language development. 

The awe and wonder the lights and colours offer are a magical experience for some children and to capture these moments the staff prepare the environment with thought and detail. It is dressed in seasonal drapes and resources to support our curriculum. 

The room is used on a regular basis by all the children….1.1 and group sessions. This safe and enclosed space supports children with SEND, offering a peaceful and familiar area where they can take time away from the busy environment of preschool life. The room and resources can be adapted to meet the needs of individual children, offering the right level of stimulus and sensory experience.  

We also use the room as a base where children can hear a special story, props and resources are added to support retelling and enrich the environment to capture the children’s interest and make the session exciting and engaging. 

The room is for children aged 0 – 5 years.  

Our multi-sensory room is available for hire for individuals, small groups, community organisations and families.  

Hiring the room gives you exclusive use during your session.


The costs listed below are the total room cost, not per person. If you are hiring as a group, you can split the cost between the group. If you are hiring as an individual the costs are as listed below.


We recommend the following maximum numbers to ensure each person can gain the most out of their sensory experience. 

Babies and Toddlers - Maximum 6 children 

The Sensory Room is open at various times during the week subject to availability.


All sessions require pre-booking in advance. (please contact us to check availability). 

Option 1

All year round (46 weeks) 


1 hour per week - £55.00 Monthly Cost (Equivalent to £14.35 ph) 


½ hour per week - £30.00 Monthly Cost (Equivalent to £15.65 ph) 


Multiple hours/half hours available 


School holiday times are subject to change. 

Option 2

Term Time only (36 weeks) 


1 hour per week - £45.00 Monthly Cost (Equivalent to £15.00 ph) 


½ hour per week - £25.00 Monthly Cost (Equivalent to £16.67 ph) 

Option 3

£20 per hour /£10 for 30 mins

One off /Irregular booking / Pay as You Go


Suitable for community groups, Parent groups with Early Years Children, Individuals etc.

Option 4

£25 per hour for External Instructors. eg. To run external Baby Sensory Courses etc. 

To Book

We have a sensory room timetable so booking is essential.  


Please contact us to arrange a suitable time. 

Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer. Please note we do not have a debit/credit card machine.

To book please call us on 03300 165668 or email

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