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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is made up of elected members who have volunteered their time to Watoto PreSchool. The board is the accountable body for the organisation, having the ultimate responsible for all aspects of the organisation. They, with the Pre-School leadership team, ensure the organisation achieves its mission in the right way, making the best use of its staff team, its assets and all its resources. 

The Board provide the strategic and operational direction, with the aim of driving the organisation towards achieving our mission of High-Quality Early Education  and Childcare for Each Individual Child. 



Naomi Cardwell



Janette Brown



Ofsted Nominated  Lead


Gregory Wilson



Andrea Wallen


Interested in becoming a Trustee?

Volunteering to be a trustee Watoto Pre-School is a great way to become more practically involved in the learning and development of children.


It will also give you the chance to update existing skills and learn new ones. This can have valuable long-term benefits when applying for jobs or undertaking further training.

To be a trustee

  • attend at least 4 meetings per year (more if required)

  • undergo an enhanced criminal record check

  • undergo an induction and any other training relevant to the role.

  • commit to the legal and financial responsibilities of the role as required to meet the Pre-School regulatory requirements.

If this is something you are interested in, please get in touch via email:

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