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Play activities...2-4 years

Two to four years

Toddlers/children will likely play with a wide variety of resources and toys and they often love pretend play and being creative.

Playful activities could include:

• Dress up – fill an old suitcase with old grown-up clothes, such as hats; bags; beads; sunglasses; rucksacks; or shoes.

• Using household resources - pots and pans, old mobile phones, pegs, bowls, torches, kitchen utensils.

• Creative materials - paints, crayons, chalks, scissors, magazines.

• Books, games and puzzles - reading stories/ looking at books, snap, singing games, clapping games, matching games.

For younger children always be aware of choking Toys/loose parts intended for children under 36 months must not present a choking risk – a test can be carried out using a ‘small parts cylinder’ (toys or parts of toys/loose parts that can fit entirely inside the cylinder are identified as choking hazards).

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