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Play Activities... 0-12 months

Birth to twelve months

It is not always necessary to purchase shop bought toys to stimulate young babies, often free and found resources or ‘stuff’ that you find around the home will provide endless hours of fascination and fun.

Playful activities could include:

Making a treasure basket filled with natural resources such as; a small mirror; a clean, dry fir cone; a large pebble; a beaded necklace; a ball of string; crumpled tissue paper; scraps of fabric; a wooden comb; a large shell; a shiny CD; or a wooden massager. Change and check the objects regularly and choose items carefully, appropriate to the age and stage of the child.

Avoid small items which can pose a choking hazard or be poked into the nose or ears.

• Talking and singing, chatting and music, clapping and stamping, peek-a-boo.

• Floor based activities and tummy time, which you could also enjoy outside in good weather.

• Rattles, soft balls, stacking toys, soft books, empty boxes and tubs.

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