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Let's Make Music...


What you need:

Pots/ pans/ tins/ boxes/ Spoons/ pencils/ hairbrush etc


Place all the above in front of your child/ren and allow them to experiment with sounds.

You can get involved by showing them different rhythms (fast/slow) and sequences along with how to use their hands and other stuff to make sounds.

What they are learning:

Coordination, rhythm, self-expression, how to create different noises, listening skills, paying attention.


What you need:

Rice/ lentils/ buttons; Drinks bottles.


Add small resources (rice, etc) to bottles to create children's own musical shakers!

(If you do not want to retrieve the small objects you can glue the lid onto the bottle)

*Discourage children from opening lids as small parts can be a choking hazard*

What are they learning?

Distinguishing sounds, self-expression, gross motor movements, filling, pouring, listening skills, paying attention.

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